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SBN. Chris  K.
First KSW Instructor in Australia

SBN. (4th degree black belt in Korean) Chris has been practising the KUK SOOL WON  Martial Arts for 14 years in Houston Texas, and has been teaching it since August 2008. SBN Chris is the first KUKSOOL WON instructor to open a school in Australia, he is regarded as the one who brought the great teaching of KUK SOOL WON to this region.

His Moto is " Leading by example", his kind approach and focus in discipline is highly regarded in the club community.

PSBN Sophia and Chris recieves their 3rd Degree certificate Feb 2016
PSBN.  Sophia K.
Highest Ranking female in Australia

PSBN. (3rd degree black belt) Sophia started her journey in KUK SOOL WON  Houston, Texas in 2001, and has been practising the Art for 15 years, she and husband PSBN. Chris  came to Australia in 2008 and since there was no KUK SOOLWON in Australia, they seeked the permission of the Grand Master KUK SA open a school here, and they were granted the approval.

PSBN Sophia found in KUK SOOL the missing link between her passion for spirituality and physical and mental discipline. She also teaches self defence and dancing for women.

Sophia and Chris's son Dhari recieves his certificate from 8th Degree Master Alex
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