Our Latest promoted black belts

Our  first black belt Student promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt at Feb 2018 Seminar and black belt promotion Warren Dunn

JKN Warren Dunn's Journey.......................

I made a conscious decision to improve my health and fitness.

After joining gyms etc, I found it  too easy to make excuses to avoid going. I wanted to be focused and disciplined to stay on track and to acheive my goal. Joining Kuk Sool Won was for me the best choice as it is a long term commitment. I have been not only getting fit but also flexible, more agile, relaxed, focused, disciplined and most important, respecting myself and my well-being. I have now acheived my initial goal to  earn a black belt and this has given me so much energy to keep learning unique skills you can only get from such a diverse martial arts system that is Kuk Sool Won!