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Master Alex suh seminar

Feb 2020

We are happy to officially announce that Senior Master Suhn Im Kwahn Jahng Nim (8th Degree Black Belt) Alex Suh, son of our Grand Master's next regular visit will be coming February, 2020.

This important visit to Australia of Master Alex is a fantastic opportunity to learn about your chosen Martial Art from one of its highest ranked practitioners, and the son of our founder.

The seminar is taught by Master Alex Suh  himself, it focuses on balance, speed drills and board breaking. The Master might sometimes add or readjust  the seminar according to attendees level and abilities. You are in safe experienced hands. 

Tiny dragons, juniors and Adults are all taught in separate brackets on the day.

Get in and book your spot as early as you can.

Seminar Dates:Tuesday  10th February 2020


3/11 Townsend Street

Malaga 6090

DBN testing, and Black Belts promotions after Seminar

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